Hotel Improvement Contractors

Serving Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mainline, DelMarVa

There aren’t many businesses that depend on a good first impression as much as hotels do. If your establishment no longer has that ever-important “wow” factor, it’s time to turn to the team from Exterior Hotel Improvement. We’re your trusted source for well-planned and executed interior and exterior renovations that include attention to every detail.

Founded by Roman Petrik in 2000, Exterior Hotel Improvement is an experienced commercial renovation business in Warminster, PA, backed by a team of experts within their respective crafts. We’re committed to making the renovation process, whether it involves traditional hotels, motels, niche inns, restaurants, apartment complexes, or office buildings, as efficient and budget-pleasing as possible from start to finish for our clients.

We can also help with the internal and external completion of new commercial construction projects. Our employees are non-union and located all over the country. This allows us to remain extremely competitive and highly adaptive to client needs – often resulting in much-appreciated savings on labor and materials.

All-in-One Turnkey Contractor

We’re your all-in-one source for hotel, hospitality, and commercial improvements. Because each renovation project is different, we’ll ensure the right contractors and specialists are working on your project. We will work with your schedule and renovate in phases or specific sections at a time to keep your operations going while work is being done. We’ll work with your architect and designers to make sure no details are overlooked and keep you fully updated.

  • Interior & Exterior Renovations
  • Lobby, Bathrooms & Breakrooms
  • Common Spaces & Guest Rooms
  • New Construction
  • Roofing & Painting
  • Plumbing & Electrical